Hello i need a partner ill do the art and help write but plz help me

hello i need a writing partner plz help

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Join the thread. Im trying to get more people, so we can try help each other to get partners.

OFFICIAL Finding Writing Partners Thread Find a Writing Partner

Alright, I have seen a lot of people asking, or trying to find writing partners for their stories. So, lets get this thing going. Now. this is the OFFICIAL FINDING WRITING PARTNERS THREAD. . Everyone can join, find a partner(s), it could be more than one partner, yes, start making groups, and lets get this thing rockin. So, if anyone needs a partner, I am open, and free to help anyone in need. Lets get some more people to join, and lets start getting in groups to help out each other. Let’s g…

I need a writing partner
I’m not good with the directions/coding

Hey I would love to help I love the coding aspect I amd just not so good with the storyline

I can help write it just pm me

I have a story just email me atdestinyabed@icloud.com if ur up to it

Ok your all welcome here i could use the help

so ill make the characters tell me what you all want to look like

i feel u