Hello I need an art cover please

Hello, there episode community.
I am in need of an art cover, please.
What I would like.
I would like a drawn art cover, please.
Two, the main two characters, please.


Gold 03
Arched Natural/ Ligh Brown
Long Straight Loose Solid/ Chestnut Brown
Deepset Downturned/ Blue Green
Heart Soft
Round Button
Full Flat Top Pouty/ Rose Gloss



Neutral 02
Furrowed Straight S/ Dirty Blond
Long Top Messy Curls/ Dirty Blond
Deepset Downturned Lidded/ Brown Pale
Chiseled Angular
Aquiline Medium
Full heart Natural/ Fair Gold Matt

What I want it to look like.
I would like something like this, please.

What I need on the cover to say.
You’re watermark of course :slight_smile:
My name moonrock
The title: High School Love
Background I would like used.

May I please have it zoomed in and them sitting on the step wall there, please?
This took me forever lol if you need something else just let me know please and thank you so much.


Hey there!

Pam can get this done for ya.

Art Examples

If you think the art is stunning, please check out our art shop below.

BUT, there is going to be a teeny tiny small fee attached with the work. If you’re willing to pay around 10 dollars, then you’ve come to the right place. Thank you so much!! ^—^


I don’t have any money sorry :pensive: but you’re work is beautiful


It’s alright! Thank you for your compliment <333 my friend does this, and you can check out her insta @pamlikes.todraw if you ever need comissions!


✰Avery’s cover request thread✰

Someone messaged me with the over :blush:. Thank you, everyone, that commented though.

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