Hello I need coding help

Then what do I need to put there to get full body zoom

U put:

@Zoom on (number of zoom)

And then u do that for about 3 times to see the whole body

Like this example

And put it on whatever zoom u want and put it like 3 different times but on different numbers u can move the camera to see what coordinated u want the zoom in

@Kelzblogs , @kw.episode has provided an awesome thread for you to check out-the thread called HOW TO: Zoom from the Feet to the Head (Full Body)
Did you read through it? :thinking:

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Ok I will tell you if it worked after I take my dog for a walk and thanks for your help

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Your welcome :blush:

&PEYTON spot 1.00 450 128 in zone 1 THEN PEYTON faces left
&PEYTON walks to spot 1.00 210 128 in zone 1 THEN PEYTON faces left AND PEYTON starts talk_afraid
&PEYTON moves to layer 3
&RAQUEL walks to spot 1.09 105 77 in zone 1 THEN RAQUEL faces right AND RAQUEL starts talk_sheepish
&RAQUEL moves to layer 2
@zoom on 81 0 to 224% in 0

it worked but now it’s making my whole story do it how do I it stop it I’m confused and it won’t do it before I say the character looked :hot_face:

this is so confusing

Once u put that then u put:

@zoom reset

OK thanks very much

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No problem if u have any more problems go to my thread or pm me😊

is there any way to put more than one character on screen but in different backgrounds so its kind of a grid?

I think there is

do you know how to code it or is there something on the guide?

Try to look in the guide I think there is something like that

ok thank you!

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Your welcome

You can use either spot directing or make them stand at positions.

The Spot Directing Guide: Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)

Using Spot directing:

@JOHN spot 1.280 200 0 in zone 2 at layer 2

You could also make them stand at a position in a zone:

Positions that are available for them to stand:

You can also make them face a direction:
@CHAR1 faces left
@CHAR2 faces right
And you can have them doing an animation in the background.

So using & instead of @ will sometimes be helpful when placing characters if you don’t want them to pop out of nowhere.

Also, note that a background contains zones-usually 1 to 3, but some backgrounds will have just 1 or 2, or even four.

Hope this helps and good luck : )

P.S it’s all about experimentation :face_with_monocle::wink::icecream::revolving_hearts:

Thank you so much!!