Hello, I need help with a overlay I'm having a issue with

How do I make my overlay look realistic. Can I add alot of shifts so props look like it being throw at.


@MARCOS changes into marcos_casual

&MARIA spot 0.655 62 224 AND MARIA is idle_sit_ankles_crossed

&ALEJANDRO spot 0.655 261 281 AND ALEJANDRO faces left AND ALEJANDRO is sit

@LAYLA moves to layer 4

&LAYLA spot 0.419 106 380 AND LAYLA is idle_sit_ankles_crossed

@MARCOS moves to layer 4

&MARCOS spot 0.419 208 410 AND MARCOS faces left AND MARCOS is sit

@zoom on 100 314 to 668% in 0

@add Coffee Cup to LAYLA

@LAYLA is drink

@LAYLA is drink

@LAYLA is drink

@speechbubble is 254 325 to 100% with tail_top_left
LAYLA (idle_hold_drink)
(AW man im finish)

@LAYLA is slap_face

@remove Coffee Cup from LAYLA

@zoom on 213 328 to 740% in 0

@MARCOS spot 0.419 208 373

@speechbubble is 197 191 to 100% with tail_top_left
@speechbubble is 195 170 to 100% with tail_top_left
MARCOS (yawn_bored)
That was a good nap.

&overlay INKCOFFE create
@overlay INKCOFFE to layer 4
&overlay INKCOFFE shifts to 184 318
&overlay INKCOFFE scales to .222 .222
&overlay INKCOFFE opacity 1 in .5
@overlay INKCOFFE clear

@MARCOS is slap_face_receive

@pause for a beat
MARCOS (talk_angry)

it work.

It will work : )

If they wrote LAYLA without the !!! then it would be a problem since the script mistakes that statement for a character lol

Also, @tida20 , remember to remove this:

If you want your overlay to appear for the whole scene : )

Check out this on overlays:

So many cool tips on there, like how to make them move ^^

That how I make the overlay disappear after finish using it. I want to make it look realistic because it just pop up than clear. How can I make it look like it hit the person fast without it just appearing to a center place.

Can I just add a lot of shifts to the overlay to make it more realistic?