Hello! I need help!

Hello! I just started writing a story few days ago, and there is an error I’m stuck with. It says: Unexpected COSTUMECHANGE:(u’changes into’, u’JADE’, u’JADE_Badass’)
What did I do wrong?

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I’m not quite sure what that error is. Can you take a screenshot? That would give me a better idea! Thx!

Here you go.

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You need a { after the choice

Yes, I know. but then appears another error…

after “Badass”

OK, so I fixed some mistakes, and I think Im near the end of this error thing. just cant understand what is wrong with line 73…

@RudeInception @Apes

add a closing bracket } at line 61

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still the same error

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what’s the error now?

The same error