Hello, i need new songs hehe


I’m already getting annoyed with my old songs so I need new ones! I prefer Indie, pop and eletronic music so if you have any suggestion, type away :slight_smile:


Ugly - JairaBurns you might like :wink:


You listen to the new arctic monkeys album yet. It’s pretty good :grin::grin:


I can’t actually help you with this.
I clicked on this thread because I am VERY into music. Just not the kind you’re into, sadly.


You should listen to Adam Lambert, P!nk and Michael Jackson :wink::shamrock:


Any songs by Panic! At The Disco is good. :wink:


Case closed


Listen to blackbear his old songs are too underrated


back to you by selena gomez


You should listen to Jeremy Zucker and Arctic Monkeys :heart_eyes: