Hello, I need some help with this coding issue?

Hi, I don’t understand what’s going on but on the episode portal everything goes well according to my script e.g. the characters are doing the same animations exactly as according to my script but when I view it on the app some animations aren’t working and my characters are frozen, or music is playing when I didn’t even choose any music to play on the script.

Can somebody help me with this? It’s really annoying and confusing for me, :persevere:

can you show the script of what is going wrong.

for me it sound like a glitch.

I guess you could logout and delete the app, then reinstall the app and login again? :thinking:
I think it has got to do something with the app…

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I’ll try that

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Same thing happened to me, it’s a glitch, I submitted a ticket and a few days later I received an update that fixed my problem!

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How do I submit a ticket?

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Thank you!

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