Hello, I need some help :(


I’m trying to use the (phone_vibrate_text) and I currently can’t manage to actually get the thing to work :frowning:


Can you please post a picture of your script?


I’m not currently on my laptop but all I have on the script is @YOU (phone_vibrate_text) but I’m unsure what goes between YOU and the phone vibrate :frowning:


It should be:
sound sound you want


Sorry I’m new to this and I don’t understand exactly what I’d write :frowning: would it be like @YOU (text sound) and then the phone vibrate


No it would be
sound phone_vibrate_text


Thanks so much! I’m honestly new to this and it’s so painful trying to fix this script like I don’t get the coding at all😭


It should look something like this,


Thank you lovelies! <3


You’re welcome! :blush: If you need anymore help just let me know!


Yup! Np I know how you feel I’m kinda new to this too :slight_smile: and same!


I ended up punching my laptop once because I was getting so annoyed with the coding but I’m so determined to make a story :joy:


haha I would too :joy:


Same here :joy:


Also I’m struggling with the coding to like let readers pick their own name in my story too :confused:


Honest my temper is horrible hahah


If you look on episode forums for letting the reader pick their name I bet there are people who have had the same question.


I read about it and tried using the example someone used to make it work and I tried it in my story and there was errors everywhere :joy:


Ugh, I HATE when that happens. Do you have an episode account yet? Mine is CarmelWrites!! I can gladly follow you!


I do yes! My user should be Re1999 :slight_smile: