Hello, I need some help :(

Can anyone help with this:

I just copy and pasted a new template into my story and it says “No body colour called Fair Warm” exists… so how do I fix this as it’s in a custom template and if I delete this it says all the other skin colours don’t exist

Are you using INK? Or Limelight

I’m using a limelight one I believe

If you go to Episodelife.com they have some character customization that I have used before that usually work.

Yeah I’m using a script from there and t isn’t working ;(

They renamed all the skin tones:

Click here for the updated templates :slight_smile:

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OH yeah! Sorry I forgot. :frowning:

I used a LL script from here and now it’s saying “arched natural eyebrows” don’t exist :frowning:

Replace the name with your character name

I have, but I added a name thing for readers can use their own name but idk how to correctly code that

What’s your character display and script name?

I don’t know how to find that out :confused: this is my first story and first time coding

Did you create your main character?


What’s her name? What name are you using in the script for commands?

I’m just using @YOU

Code for name:

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (YOU)

Replace the name in the customisation template with YOU

Changed all of it to @YOU but still says no eyebrows called arched natural don’t exist :confused:

You can delete it. Save the empty script. Paste customisation again, replace the name and then save it again.

Done that, still says it :confused: