Hello i need someone thats Good at making backgrounds

What are you requesting backgrounds
How many zones: 2
What kind of background ( bedroom,cafe,etc) i need 2 bedrooms, an entrence from the inside of the building for a mainson, a garage and a bar\siting area for “gangsters”
Details ( colour,etc) idk
Special details: make it good looking thx XD

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Hey love!
I have some bedroom backgrounds but do you want a girls or guys one?

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both if you don’t mind

can you make them ?

ofc love! I’ll be done soon

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Thanks, do you want credit?

yes plzz… @queenScribbles on insta

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THIS IS WHAT I WANTED!!! It’s amazing, thanks!

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here are 2 girls bedroom (don’t ask about the one that says peaches, I can change it)
which one do you want
If you want other one just ask

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the first one XD i like the peaches one too

lol thxs love

can you do the rest?

Here’s the girls

And I will try!
Also go to my art shop if you need anything else
Don’t forget to credit me :wink:

i need two more backgrounds if you can make them

ofc which ones

i wrote up, i have school so i can’t really talk right now.If you need anything else please text me and i’ll respond in a couple of minutes

its ok love… I’ll just start with the rest of your list above

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