Hello I want a background creator

Hi I want some background you can pm me

Hey! I don’t know any person but I have seen some shops around here.

1 Bianca Hail's Background Edits Thread

2 🌷 FlowerGriefer's Backgrounds 🌷

3 Goji's Art Shop - Free Simple Edits [Open] (she takes requests)

4 🖤 Lou's Art Shop 🖤 (free overlays, backgrounds and more!) - temporarily closed for a few weeks

You can also check out pixabay.com for other backgrounds!


I have seen it but they are not taking request

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You can tag someone if you know

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I just found a topic you could request to!

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@amepisode does background commissions but I’m not sure if her requests are open?

. Looking for any backgrounds? Look here!

You can also look here for the one’s u need!