Hello, I would like to know if someone could create an art cover for me?


Yes that’s fine


Helpieme said she can do it, and you responded her with the details, and i think she’s already started. i hope you guys can discuss who’s making it before already starting and stuff! there’s like 3 different people here saying they’ll make them. let’s try to make it less confusing so everyone has a chance !! :slight_smile:


I can do the other one if helpieme is doing Enticing Hearts


If it’s okay with you, I can switch to your art cover to the other art cover, I want to show people the art you guys make, only if thats okay with you guys


sure, I just need the details.


but I started I’m almost done


Enchanted Life

Back ground

This character should be facing left, facing an hour glass

This character is like the first character reincarnation

This is my failed attempt

But I’m not sure if @Epy.sister.hood started to make it or not, I just don’t wanna confuse anyone


I thought Helpieme and I were doing it?


Ok, I’ll have it for you (if nobody else is doing it) by tomorrow at most


thats cool, thank you


Do you want the hourglass in a different spot?


Amazing work angie can you post it on the group thread




No it’s perfect, thank you so much :blush: