Hello I would like to make a realistic looking cover for, can someone explain what apps I should use and how to use them?


Hello! I want to make a realistic looking cover for my episode story. Does anyone have any app suggestions. If you do please let me know, also let me know what the app is used for! Any help will be appreciated! Thank you!! I am also in look for any tips I should take into consideration while creating the cover!


Ibis paint is good to like draw the characters for it.
I use Picsart to crop characters and make them into a cover


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I can examples heree


Thank you, I will look at both of the apps!


How should I draw the characters?


Sorry, I always seem to do that! Thank you for moving it again!


The examples ae amazing! What apps do you guys use? If you can share that information.


we use

Photo shop

Medi bang

Ibis paint x



Thank you ! I will try them out!


For the first video under summary, how do you get it to be all white with black outlines?