Hello! If I have 2 people in the room, what layer should I do the "blushing" overlay at?

@overlay 6487639501045760_BLUSH shifts to 19 357
@overlay 6487639501045760_BLUSH scales to 0.273 0.273
@overlay BLUSH opacity 100% in 0

Anything else that needs help with this, I’ll gladly take feedback.


which character do you want to have the blush on?

If you want the blush on the character in the first layer, make the 2nd character move to the third layer and the blush to the second.

If you want it to be on the 2nd character, put the blush on the third layer.

how do you determine the layer?

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@JOSH moves to layer 0
@AMY moves to layer 1
@overlay BLUSH moves to layer 2


check out my thread about the layers :slight_smile:

HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers