Hello. I'm just going to make this for anyone who has any questions. It could be anythinig, I don't care. Ask away!


How do the text modifiers work? e.g. italic, bold, etc.

To use text effects, you can use any of the effects listed on the right side of your writer’s portal panel under the drop down menu labelled “Text Effects.” You must put the text effect in | | brackets.

For example:

YOU (wave_extreme)
| bold | Hello!

If you want to use multiple text effects at once, seperate them by a comma.

For example:

YOU (wave_extreme)
| bold, italic | Hello!

You don’t only have to use text effects in the beginning of sentences, it can be in the middle, too.

YOU (talk_confused_mindblown)
You ate the | bold | whole pie?

If you want only a portion of a sentence effected, you’d write reset in the brackets.

YOU (talk_confused_mindblown)
You ate the | bold | whole | reset | pie?

Thank you!
I didn’t notice the reset thing. It really helped

Tips on how to make your episodes longer more easily?

You could always add empty beat with only animations, or zoom in and out more often. Over the shoulder conversations that flip back and forth help as well.

Thanks, I’ll definitely use those things!