Hello, I'm officially bored again, does anyone want a background?


I know I get bored easily, but I have nothing to do. Does anyone want backgrounds?
All you need to do is credit me by my forum username.
Here are some examples, please don’t steal them!


I might need backgrounds for my story, cinnabun. I’ll let you know


Hey, cinnabun how long does it take you to make them?


May I have a real creepy/horror setting in hell background? Do whatever you want but make sure it’s really creepy. Thank you if you can.




A few hours. It depends on how complicated they are. i think the vet clinic took me 2 hours and a half?


Sure! Do you want it to have a volcano-like theme. As in is it a cave in hell? or what?


Basically just a hillside in hell. So yeah, familiar to volcanoes!


Okay, I’m done, please tell me if you want any changes!


Bumpity Bumpo Bumpi Bump


Can you do a fairy tale background in the forest at night time with like bright sparkle in the sky?


Sure, I’ll try!


Can you make a crime scene background for me?


So, I found some images on google for you, I know it says I can make backgrounds but I honestly can’t make them. Anyways, I 'll find more if you don’t like them:

I just really like this one, and I think it would be a great themed background:


Hi, I need a bar background, something like a speakeasy bar type. It will be better if it’s just a three panel background, but four is also fine. Thanks:wink:


Of course! What would you want on the crime scene, and what background?


Okay, do you want it to look episode-styled?


I would like a blood puddle on the ground. If you could put crime scene tape separating the sidewalk and part of the road form the alley. If that is okay?




Thank you!