Hello lock episodes


Hello im wondering how to lock an episode that you arent done working on?


label locked


This episode is locked for now.

goto locked


I would just create a loop on the previous episode so that people don’t waste a pass on an episode that’s not finished with.


The only problem with that is that they would be required to reread that Episode. If you lock an episode, when it is unlocked, they get their pass back.


what? they would only have to re-read it if you update the chapter. so i’m confused , what do you mean?


Okay what if a story is on hold how would you lock it so noone can read it


If she would put that loop on the end of the last finished episode, the reader would have to reread it.

When this loop will be in the episode which is not finished when she’ll update the reader will be given a free pass to read it.


Just put the same loop at the beginning of each episode


OHHH! I get it now! because they would have to update the chapter in order to get rid of that loop :eyes: whoopssss


Okay whats the loop to lock each episode like an example?




thank you


I suggest putting a warning in the description or title.