Hello :) Looking for a coder, mentor or friend? :)))

So after a few years I’ve finally decided to start writing as opposed to just angstily staring at my screen and thinking “wow, it should have ended like this.”

Anyway. I’m working on a couple of stories right now. The first I’m trying to do on my own because I want to learn to code myself, but there’s a second story I plan to write in the near future that means a lot to me and will need more advanced coding than I can manage at the time. (Earlier today, it took me like thirty minutes to write like five lines of code.)

I’m pretty chill and incredibly sarcastic. I’m a college student, so I’m busy a lot of the time (with things that actually matter like obtaining my degree or trying not to have a mental breakdown in the grocery store over the price of grapes) so it wouldn’t be constant harassment or something. Looking for a mentor of sorts, really. I want to use this as a learning opportunity.

Also, if you’re interested in Japan, I’d be happy to discuss all of the intricacies of actually living here.~

Anyway, this post took longer to write than expected, but here it goes. Please, enlighten me. :blush:

EDIT I would rather use ink, but I would be okay with limelight, too.

SECOND EDIT SORRY. Okay, so basically, I forgot to mention that the topic is somewhat (very) dark and could potentially be mildly triggering. Also, happy endings are never guaranteed with me. I can promise 100% original content, though.

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Hiya, I’ll be more than happy to help you! I know many coding skills and I’ll be happy to share this with you. Just let me know if that’s something you would like to do. Thank you.

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Absolutely, sounds great! I’ll message you! :slight_smile:

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Of course!