Hello need new backgrounds


Hello,I am a new writer and have not finish my first story based on true love story.
I am looking at more backgrounds especially with a car driving but don’t know how.Can someone help please?


I can try.


Oh thank you ,sorry just saw the message just now


Can you go into detail of what you want


How do I get cars where I can drive?
Also looking for new exiting place background
Anything really


do you mean something like this but inside the windows it’s moving?


Hey is it okay if I use this? I can credit you however you like :smile:


That is fantastic thank you but how do I put it on my episode story?


Add it as an overlay. But I would suggest that someone erases the parts in the windows- so when you do driving scenes and you use looping backgrounds, the background will actually be moving in the windows rather than still :grin: