Hello people of episode :) (Episodians?)


No problem :gem:

I know i always need someone to talk to when im feeling down


dang, I could never, but I’m still tired and upset that I have to go to school tomorrow :roll_eyes:


True, but what if you don’t because you don’t want to be a burden?


It’s Sunday where you are?


No one is ever a burden to me!

I believe that everyone should have someone to talk to :man_shrugging:


Today is Monday for me, but we have a day off today. :relieved: I guess I’m kinda lucky, idk.


I have Friday off :woman_shrugging:


Lucky you, I get a day off (hopefully) on Wednesday.


You’re positive and I like that,


Really? I only get days off on Mondays, only for holidays tho.


Sometimes you just have to be positive :blush:


I dont get all fridays off but sometimes i get them off


Well… I’ve got plenty of problems burying me… I am a grave :smile:


Well like i said, You can talk to me if you would like :gem:

I wont see you as a burden and it’s better if you tell your problems instead of keeping them to yourself, I think it helps if you get them off your chest


Well of course I’d love to talk with you.


Awesome :smile:

Do what your username says and Love yourself :blush: (I love your username so much it’s awesome)


Lol really?? Damn


Yeah, it’s awful


Our teachers would just yell at us and give us all detention


You just reminded me that i have a detention tomorrow :joy: :sob: