Hello please help Idk how do to the flashing lights or fading with the red in and out

Hi I am trying to do the scene flashing red in and out like the fading kind how do you do it? hopefully I’m asking the right way.

the guy is hurt about to fall and I want red lights going in and out.

You would use
@transition fade in red in T”
@transition fade out red in T”
T stands for time, so you would put in a number. If you don’t put one in and you just end at red, it will automatically last one second.

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Thank you so much. I am going to try it right now. I just couldn’t get it right and it was bugging me. how do I know what number to put in? does it matter which one I put?

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The time is in seconds, so you can try some different ones and see what you like. You can put in any number.


Thank you so much!