Hello ! school backgrounds?

Hello ! can someone help me I’m in need of school backgrounds

  • Hall
  • Classrooms


Are these ok?

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These are good but i need empty classrooms

These are good but i need empty classrooms , thank you!

Mine isn’t really much better than Episode’s, but this is what I have. I also have the desks as overlays if you want to make people sit behind them :woman_shrugging:t5:

From my drive:

It has all needed overlays.

Can you send me an example how it’ll look with the overlays on?

That was how it looks with the overlays. The desks would be overlays so that you can place characters on the chairs and layer the desks over them to make it seem like the characters are sitting behind the desk. This is it without the desks/overlays

I like this one but i would like the chairs and tables bigger ! Sorry if i am asking to much

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Nah, I can do that, I have the background saved as a document so I can change it :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much , notice me when you’re done !

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Bigger, smaller, or just right? I’ll send the overlays for the background once you’re satisfied with the background :heartbeat:

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That’s AMAZING thank you !
I’ll credit you !

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You’re welcome :sparkling_heart: Here are the desks :relaxed:

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