Hello there again I'm here for help you



I’m gonna help you in this topics :
-Spotlight directing
-Making outfits
-Remembering choices
-Making choices
-gotos and labels
-Cinematic directing
-Colorful choices
-Point system
-Zones , pans , zooms
-Spot directing
-Enters and exits
-Moving backgrounds
-transitions, props , weather effects
And any problems you are having :smiley:


Can you help me with directing? so my chartcer is placed at the very top of the screen and i want her to “falll” to the bottom screen while the camera is following her and she is doing the action stand_up


Go here for a template for something really similar.

Why do you want to use the stand_up animation for falling? It doesn’t look like someone is falling at all.

But anyway, that template is for something really similar, so it might be useful


Yeah it’s very useful if you use it on ink style , I have the other one in limelight if you want it please send me a message


It’s okay, I didn’t use the template, I can make those myself anyway and I like Ink way better than LL I really only use Ink lol I just thought that could be helpful to someone else.


The message was to @Mayagu sorry lol


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: