Hello there I need help with a few overlays

I have a few overlays that I wanted to use and they prevented from continuing my stories .

The wings overlays as you can see and I wanted to use them on my character . When I tried to place them onto my character it’s difficult to . How can I place them so they appear like the wings Episode have uploaded . Please help me , thank you .

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Ok i think i can help a little even tho i’ve been doing episode for 4 months and 1 year. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for replying . How should this be done ?

Lol ok so are your overlays going in front of your characters? :thinking:

Geez! You have some great overlays. I have like one…

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The wings I want in the back of the character . Sorry for the late reply

I searched so deep for these online

Ok all you gotta do is
@overlay BLACK WINGS is layer 1 AND CHARACTER moves to layer 2 i think.

What … Omg why does this seem harder than I think it . Oh , I almost forgot do you know about for example allowing the character to move with the overlay like the scythe I have . And I know there are already questions about moving an overlay and animating it.

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