Hello Want to have a chance of being in my story?


Hey, I am creating a funny little story with a girl in a life of 8 boyfriends in a pizza shop. And it is purely just for fun and to start off making episodes and I need to get things done first. But I want to make friends on this platform too. SOoooo I was thinking if anyone wanted to be in the story as someone who shows up in a couple of episodes and might be a more important character. Please comment that if you want to be in it. If a lot of people comment I will choose as many as I can without making a cluttered story. I WILL MSG you to get details about the character. WARNING: I might try to make friends but isn’t that apart of being in this community. PLUS I WILL GIVE A SHOUTOUT FOR WHEN YOU ARE IN AN EPISODE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. sorry for caps


I’d Love To Be In iT!


I would love to be in it


I’ll be very excited to be in it!!!


Hey, I would love to be in your story.
don’t worry about having too many characters in a story, I have 78 and I’m still finding ways to involve them


HOLY guacamole that is amazing. I haven’t been replying to much cuz the limit I haves up which is weird cuz I just had my 1 month on here so far so I can’t directly start convos yet till later. So YA want to be in my story what would your character like to be


Also I don’t want to be like " You are gonna be a background character huehuehuehuehu" cuz I feel like it is unfair


You will be in it I just can’t start msgs rn


You will be in it I can’t msg rn


My character could be whatever
for the personality I’m kinda funny, but mainly I laugh at my own jokes, also I am tomboy-ish and chill.


I will msg you later


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thank you for saying also I think I am going to close this form idk how but I think I have plenty of characters :3


@Sydney_H Can you please close this I have plenty of characters plus if you want to be in the story please message me



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: