Hello, We are new!


Greetings from ireland!
we are a new developing art group.
we wanted to say Hi! :smile::sweat_smile::blush:


Hi from America!


:sweat_smile: Very funny, Hi there!


Greetings from America as well.








Heyyy it’s your friendly neighbourhood Canadian over here!

Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy it here!


If you are collecting countries, here is a welcome from Germany. :de: :wink:


HI from an Alternate Universe :smiley:


(Completely unrelated and random but whatever) Oh, I was just looking at your thread haha.

Germany sounds so cool. I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe.


Feel free to come over before anyone flaggs your posts as off-topic. :wink:
I always wanted to visit the States, but being chronically sick this probably will never happen.

Dare to get to know me? πŸ‘½