Hello World! - Winter Williams


Hello World! :hearts::sparkles:

Since I am quite new, I just wanted to introduce myself:
I’m Winter, 16 years old and I’m from Switzerland. Because I go to a language grammar school, I can speak many languages: German, English, Dutch, Italian and Latin (Spanish and French only a little bit). My mother is German, my father half British. That’s why I grew up bi-lingually. I’ve been writing stories since I was a little child and I’m generally a very creative person. I have been reading episode stories for a long time and now I want to start my very first story. Since I already “speak” Java, I find it quite easy to code.
I also love animals. I have a dog and two cats that I love very much.

I would be very happy if you could give me a tip that you would have liked when you were a beginner.



When you say Half British what do you mean? Like, Is he mixture of Welsh, Scottish and english? Just a question :slight_smile:


My grandmother was swiss and my grandfather (paternal) was half english and half scottish :blush: It’s complicated, I know. That’s why I usually say British. :sweat_smile:


Oh that’s ok. I’m 3/4 English and 1/4 Scottish so I was just curious.

When I was a beginner I rushed a lot of my stuff and Didn’t plan the story out until the last 10 episodes. I suggest planning all your characters and outfits before writing because even though it may be tedious it will save you SO MUCH time in the long run :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums!

I like your username, and I’m amazed at the fact you know so many languages! I am not an episode writer, but I can tell you that the most important thing when it comes to writing is not to back down, and to always be ready to learn more.

I hope you enjoy your stay here :3


Hi! It is so nice to meet you! I think it is fantastic that you can speak all those languages! I am a new writer trying to write my own stories! So good luck to you!


Italian is my dream language to know <3
I can only speak two fluently (English obviously and my mother tongue) and the third one (French), I’m intermediate in (I think) and still learning lol
I hope to become “fluent” in 4 languages in total.
Nice to meet you dear, enjoy your time in the community, and if you ever need help, we are here for you.
Feel free to ask any questions that you want to.
P.S winter is an awesome season XD


Hello welcome to the forums, I’m also 16 I am English I have some French blood in me although I can only speak the most basic of French. I think it’s cool that you can speak alot of languages. I hope you have a nice time here on the forums and if you need anything like a friend or just somebody to talk to then feel free to PM me.


Nice to meet ya, Winter! I’d be happy to help whenever you want. I think I like you already cuz I think you love make up too! LOL…


You’re totally right :grin::sparkles::sparkling_heart: