Helloooooo Give me suggestions

Hi I am hungry and bored so tell me what you guys will do in this situation when you are too lazy to cook and don’t want to spend your savings on ordering food


Well are you at home or in school? I usually try to eat whatever is around :rofl: obviously it has to be something I want to eat though lol


See I face this dilemma sometimes and ultimately end up ordering food. My laziness always triumphs over discipline.

I look for microwave food/ones that are just boiling water in a kettle. It only takes a few minutes and my mum has lots of those type of foods in the house. :woman_shrugging: If nothing was there and I had money, I would go pick up something from the corner shop.

I always end up doing that too​:rofl: But in this case I just have lettuce in my fridge :grimacing:

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Well TBH I do the same thing lol but if I ordered then I would be grounded by my ma​:woman_facepalming::no_mouth:

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Thank you I see something in my house that is microwaveable lol🤣

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I grab a bag of chip and start snaking :star_struck:

That’s really a great idea 'cause I hv a lot of candies around too🤭

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Lol yes that’s what I do :heart:

Yeahh girlll candies and bag of spicy chips are​:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Lol this is how my bed fr be looking



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