Hi so I am going to my group account to put up new and improve examples from each member and I can’t pick one


Can someone please do a cover

I really like the 3rd one :two_hearts:


The first is my favourite, I think but the second and third are really good too. Why can’t you put them all up? :smile:


I personally would go for the 1st one. It’s probably due to the fact it resembles so much to the picture like WOW iconic.


I can only pick one from each member thats only fair way we have 17 member something I lost track some are on vacation so we find people to replace them


I forgot this


3rd 100 percent


Oh okay. Then, the second or first or fourth is my favourite. :slight_smile:


ok thx


Oh my god, they’re all beautiful! I think that I like the second the best, but all of them are amazing. :heart::heart:


@linalilly10 I like the 2nd one.
:kissing_heart: Tessie