Hellppp in need of mom outfits!

Okay so I’m trying to make a scene where the Mc’s mother tells her friends that the MC is at the gym and I cannot for the life of me make mom like outfits both Mom’s (LI and MC’s) are both in their mid 40’s and their kids are like maybe in their 20’s I need about 5- 6 each for both moms one likes to bake for the Li and is very cutesy like girly the other likes to Garden and bake they also both need pajamas etc So if u can please please help me out that’ll be great! BOTH HAVE A LOCKET Not the leather one just a regular locket no tats or nose and eyebrow piercings just regular one thanks a Mill Moonie out!! @Sydney_H feel free to move this I couldn’t find the catagory
Screenshot 2023-04-09 113544
Both ladies have this necklace It’s very important they have this (its kinda like a friendship necklace)

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What about something like this:

Baker mom


Garden mum



Yesss! they’re perfect thank you!!

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Ohh, you’re welcome! :green_heart:

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