Help!1....My friens wants to read episode on my phone but cannot

the story is not there…if this continues go to helpdesk

does this message come up in the app? what exactly are you trying to do?

i logged out of my account…put her gmail…and she wats to read my story( she doesnt have a phone)…so we went to my story …but this message comes up

have you published your story?


can i have the name of the story so I can see what’s going on?

awkwardly royal

i found two. one with the lgbtq+ and without in which one are you experiencing the problem?

both…idk why??

is the whole story experiencing that problem or just a specific episode? i tested both of them. they work fine

the whole story

in the begining…it shows…il send a pic

i figured it out…thank you tho!!!

oh alright :slight_smile:

we logged in and out…wand waited…it worked!!!

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ah i see. glad it’s fixed

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thank you!

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