HELP - 1st Story

Hi guys, I hope everyone is well.

My name is Catarina (Catte, for short) and I really could use some help.

I have been a reader in the episode for a year and now I really would like to try to post a story of mine.

I thought of a short story, I have everything planned, but I can not direct as I thought. Is very difficult.

At this moment my doubts are:

  • How do I put a character to turn his back on the reader?

"The story begins at a masked ball. I’ve already created the Outfit for the ball but I can not get the caracter into the scene with him dressed. always appears the default outfit, how can i solve this?

Thank you so much.


@CHARACTER changes into outfit_name

  • to change a character’s outfit

Reminder : your character stays in the outfit you changed them into unless you change them into another outfit

Also, for the character to have their back turned to the reader I believe it’s an animation I forgot its name

thank you for your help. I will try right away :slight_smile:

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No problem, glad I could help! :grinning:

Sorry to bother you again.

Can you tell me how can i make a caracter face other direction and do some animation at the same time?

Like facing left or right, or with the back to the reader?

Face left or right. I put (faces right) but it gives me error.

It should go like this:

@CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER starts animation_name

I believe you can just use animations like idle_rear to make a character turn his back on the reader.

but in the dialogue doesnt work :frowning:

Can you post a screenshot so we could see what you were trying to do? Or paste the code here

Ya, show the code so we can know exactly how to answer you.

Thank you so much for being so comprehensive

The first one, you spelt ‘exits’ wrong

the second one needs to be ‘@KIM enters from left to screen right AND KIM is run_athletic_offset’

the third one needs to be ‘@KIM exits right AND KIM is run_athletic_offset’

Thank u !

but in this situation:

@KIM enters from right to screen left AND KIM is run_athletic_offset

What are you even doing to take you so long?

I'm in the kitchen.

How can i put Kim looking right and Kaya talking without beeing in the scene?

Your scene takes place in zone 1 so put Kaya in zone 3 (so she won’t be visible)

@KAYA stands screen right in zone 3
I’m in the kitchen

It worked. Thank you <3

@KIM exits rigth AND KIM is run_athletic
@KIM enters left to screen right AND KIM is run_athletic_offset (but this will say you don’t see her anymore.
@KIM exits from right AND KIM is run_athletic_offset