Help: 2 backgrounds at the same time pls

Hello. I am Kalinda. And… I want to have some tips on how to put TWO background at the same time.
Like, INT. CAFE2 - DAY behind a character and INT. CAFE- DAY is in front of the character. (I hope that make sense. LOL)

I think you have to make one of the backgrounds to an overlay (I think!!!).

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So you would have to make the background CAFE - DAY to an overlay if you want it in front of the character.

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you would do
the “second background” would be an overlay.
or you could do
@overlay NAME create
@overlay NAME opacity 1 in 0

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THANK U SO MUCH! :slight_smile:

But when I tried the first one, it warned that CAFE2 doesn’t exist. When I do the second one, the said the overlay NAME doesn’t exist?

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is it a episode default background? it would be under under overlays for the second background

You have to upload the background CAFE as an overlay at the art catalog as your own overlay.

First you have to store/save this picture on your computer.

Then you click this:

Then this:
You have to upload the image you stored on your computer (CAFE).

Here you have to name the overlay “CAFE” and upload it.

should work

Yes it is.


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