Help a beginner :)

So… idk how to make the MC walk to a specific spot while doing an animation, help? (::::

Hey, i want to help you, but i need to know what style you use?
(like ink or limelight)
In limelight you can say
@LEAH walks to spot 1.289 82 -4 in zone 3 AND LEAH is walk_exhausted_loop
But idk how this works for other styles…

Hi! I use the LL style, and I tried @LEAH walks to spot 1.289 82 -4 in zone 3 AND LEAH is walk_exhausted_loop and it didn’t work :confused:

When you used the command “follow” I understand your plan is to make the background move together with her walking.

The walking command you entered “walks to spot and is walk_” I’d never use.

More accurate is always:
MC walks to spot XXX AND MC does it while walk_

So in your case, if you want to move background and if follow doesn’t work, I’d write it like this:

@pan to zone 3 in 3 AND LEAH walks to spot 1.280 722 -4 in 3 AND LEAH does it while walk_exhausted_loop

TYSM! It worked!

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sorry for my wrong code :wink:

I don’t know what exactly i typed wrong, but in my code it turns out exactly how i want it to turn out.
Maybe i was thinking of another result or maybe i’m not as good in this whole episode thing as i think but…

Sorry again! :stuck_out_tongue:
I learned something from this too :slight_smile:

make sure the characters are always moving

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