Help a Dying Dream out? =P

(Really hope this is in the right category >.<)

Aloha! :upside_down_face::sunglasses:

Okay, So…

I want to make some digital art/some kinda mess with episode characters and then I was like
Wait, I need a character for reference lol.
And the writer portal’s being a laggy, grumpy pancake :rofl:
So I googled a few and then I realized those are other people’s characters, I don’t have their permission! :confounded:

So uh, can anyone give me a character I can use? I don’t really care what they look like. Heck, you can even give me a clown! :sweat_smile:
And of course I’ll credit you! =D You can also use it if you want! (If it doesn’t end up trashy :joy:)



Here are some! I even made an outline you can use

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Aww, thank you! =D

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No problem!!

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Here are my details!!

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Niiice! Thankyou!!! :smiley:

You can choose any of them :blush:

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good luck <3


(This is pretty useful since I was thinking of drawing something angel-like :smiley:)

Yesh, good luck to me that I don’t mess this all up :sweat_smile:
Since it would be a shame to do so with your great character! Thankyou! :upside_down_face: