Help a girl out-

If he rejected you, maybe he doesnt want a girlfriend rn. im saying try your luck next year again, give him little gifts on his birthday or invite him to play laser tag (when this damn lockdown ends) Take it from someone who never had a bf :sunglasses:


For real…if he aint Kai from exo its a no from me :woman_shrugging: :sweat_smile:


Hm, don’t push it.

If he doesn’t like you back, don’t force either. Which I know you aren’t. If things are meant to be then it will happen if not then that’s okay too.

He’s not the only guy in this world.

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I’ve been in this situation. If you’re willing to wait it out, then maybe you should go for it, but here’s my advice.

If he doesn’t like you now, chances are he probably won’t like you in the future. I’ve been in this exact situation and chased after a guy who only wanted to be friends, and it only ended with me being heartbroken. If he doesn’t appreciate you that way now, he probably won’t ever. And that seems harsh to say, but I’m speaking from experience. It’s just not worth it. You deserve someone who is absolutely sure that they like you romantically. Don’t force anything, don’t wait for someone perfect to come along, focus on yourself and let someone find you. The best romances happen organically :))


thank you all for ur advice! :blob_hearts:

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I felt this. This is what happened with this guy I’m literally in love with. I didn’t necessarily confess, but he figured it out and the effect was the same.

The best thing you can do is try to remain friends. Feelings don’t change overnight and it might take a while, and if he doesn’t catch feelings then you’ll be really close with a really good guy. It took three years for mine, and we’re more friends than “lovers”.

You can’t really make someone like you, regardless of what you do. There’s so much that goes into liking a certain somebody, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

My only advice to you is don’t change who you are for him. Stay true to yourself and continue to be a good friend to him. Show him that you genuinely like him as a person and you stick around because of his personality; not a crush.

My special-somebody eventually returned his feelings and we’re half-together right now (long story). It just took deep conversations, hanging out platonically, and good intentions.

I got really lucky and obviously he ended up feeling the same, but sometimes it won’t turn out like this. Best friend relationships are tough because they take years to develop and only a confession to break them. I wish you lots of luck!

Hope this helped!

-Lynne Harper :sparkles:


My tip of advice is; try to figure out signs that he might like you back. If he doesn’t like you now, then it’s a 50% chance he’ll change his mind later on and a 50% chance he won’t. This happened to me before, and all I want to say is please don’t rush anything. If he doesn’t like you now, then please don’t change yourself for someone to like you back. If he doesn’t like you back, I hope you guys still stay the best of friends! Feelings come because they genuinely like you at heart; not because of looks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank u so much for ur advice :confounded::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thank u so much too :kissing_heart:

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