Help and opinions needed for my story

Hey guys. I hope you guys are doing well.

I have been doing r4r the past day, but I feel like that is not what I need. I’ve started working on my first story here and I don’t want to have a huge number of views as I want to get sincere honest feedback about the structure of my story, the developpement of the plot and characters ext. After all, writing is my biggest passion, and I enjoy fixing my mistakes when I do write, so can you guys help me by reading and telling me what I should fix and especially if I should continue with the story or should I work on something else ?.

I’d really appreciate your help. Also if somebody would need help or feedback with their stories, they can let me know.

My story’s name is: Feud: The beginning of a war

Description: girl who thinks that her relationship problems are all what she has to deal with until she finds herself trapped in a war between beings much more powerful than her. The story follows a girl who tries to help human guardians who use magic to keep the balance of powers among beings such as Jinn.

Thank you so much.


i’ll check it out!