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I’ve been writing the first chapter of my second episode story for the last few months bits and pieces are based on my own life at school, I just haven’t been able to start on the other chapters. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The story title is ‘The boy without a Voice’, He’s (Gus’s) not deaf he hears fine, he has an anxiety disorder which prevents him from being able to talk to people. He use to talk to his parents and some of his other family members , until something happened that caused him to stop. The only person he speaks to is his twin sister (Eliza) who is a little bit younger than him, she’s the out going one and he’s… well… not.

In the first chapter, him and his sister meet 2 new students at their school who are well new to their school. His sister befriends them (Leo and Cleo) as their new friends he’s not so keen, and yes they’re brother and sister. Eliza and Gus are 14, Cleo is 15 and Leo is 16, Eliza is always standing up for Gus, he’s been beaten up a few times. hence Eliza always feeling like she needs to protect her brother. Eliza and Gus are pretty close despite how annoying Gus finds Eliza a lot of the times but he loves her nevertheless.

This is kind of the description I’m thinking once I’m ready to publish but needs to be shortened.
With Leo and Cleo by their side will Leo and Cleo be able to stop Eliza fighting Gus’ battles and Help Gus to be able to stand up for himself? Will Gus ever find his voice? Will he find love in the midst of everything?

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Ok Thank you @Sydney_H

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Is it a romance, a mystery, or drama? Figure out which one is the main, leading genre, as it will dictate how the plot will basically flow.

Romances will have plot points to move toward developing relationship and the climax of the story will ultimately answer the question ‘what is the final standing of these two characters?’. Mysteries will have plot points that move toward figuring out a certain question, like why has Gus stopped talking, and finding the answer to it. Drama has a lot more wiggle room, but generally speaking, the plot is moved forward by events and then dealing with those events - a crude break down would be -Into to MC, something happens to MC, MC must deal with it, and then here’s MC afterward.

Either way, I think an important part of the plot is having Gus work on regaining his voice. If you didn’t do it in the first chapter, the second chapter should work on showing Gus and Eliza and how they currently function. Is she his voice? Does he want her to be his voice?

I’m assuming you already know why Gus stopped talking completely - if not, start plotting that background so you can figure out how to slowly reveal it over the course of the story so it can be overcome and addressed by Gus. He has an anxiety disorder, but what has worsened it so that he has withdrawn even further? Was there a mortifying event that has caused him to close up?

Also, start figuring out your ‘end game’. Is is at prom, graduation? I think those are the easiest ways for plots when you’re starting out, as it gives you a set ‘end date’ for your characters. It’s much easier to write out a plot to a story that you know takes place over five months as opposed to open ended time frames. Once up have a general layout of your story, it’ll be much easier for you to start getting the chapters in order!

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Thank you, it’s a drama, this story isn’t exactly my first but I did begin my first without it thought out completely currently on 9 chapters and ongoing.

But anyway, I have had 2 different theories of how Gus stops talking completely I’m combining both as the reason. Gus likes Eliza being his voice but he gets annoyed when she’s around all the time when it’s not needed so it’s kind of 50/50.

I have given it some thought when to end it I’m conflicted with ending it at high school graduation, or get them to uni/college before ending it.

I will write up more ideas.

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