Help! animating fireworks

I am trying to animate fireworks in a scene within my story. I need an coding script if possible. For example the episode original story called “Blood Lust” there is a scene in the first episode where there are fireworks that fade in than expand while simultaneously rotate in a 90 degree rotation.

Please help me if you have answers! Thank you

These are the animated fireworks I believe, and if so, that means there’s no coding for exact same fireworks like these, but it’s not really hard to make fireworks with overlays too.

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Do u have a video link or google drive to show how to animate fireworks overlay?

No, because nobody really do videos to make specific coding like this. I mean not much people needs fireworks tutorial. But it’s not hard to code fireworks. It’s just like overlay

Really? If I show u my coding script, could u point out my errors?

I can try

@overlay FIRE1 opacity 0.8 in 1.5
@overlay 5294506691002368_FIRE1 shifts to 101 362 in zone 2
@overlay 5294506691002368_FIRE1 scales to 0.496 0.496
&overlay 5294506691002368_FIRE1 shifts to 24 378 in zone 2 in 0.50
@overlay 5294506691002368_FIRE1 scales to 0.496 0.496 in zone 2
@overlay FIRE1 rotates 90 anchor point 1 1 in 2
@overlay FIRE1 opacity 0 in 3

Send me a picture of it in writer portal and what overlay you use

Wait I lied. Okay I added some new coding to my firework overlay. Still not how I want it but better than the first coding I sent u. Now how do I send this to u thru writers portal? Want me to screenshot my script then send it to you on here?


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