HELP: Animation goofiness

Hi, im having some trouble with this scene. Two sick people are walking towards the MC, but when they’re to be IDLE, SAM TURNED does a little flip.

-He walks facing rear then quickly faces the screen, turns right, THEN does the animation I have bolded below. But TURNED GIRL doesnt do the flip. Ive tried moving it after with both a @ and & but they just end up both facing the screen and opposite of each other


@zoom on 0 189 to 124% in 0

@TURNED GIRL spot 2.333 -98 -804 in zone 1 AND SAM TURNED spot 2.387 46 -767 in zone 2 AND TURNED GIRL moves to layer 7 AND SAM TURNED moves to layer 6

&GWEN spot 1.172 139 -35 in zone 1 AND GWEN moves to layer 3 AND PLAYER moves to layer 1 AND PLAYER spot 1.118 182 -25 in zone 1 AND PLAYER faces left AND PLAYER is idle_worried_loop AND GWEN is idle_fight_angry_loop

sound awake_swell_neutral

volume sound 50 0

&TURNED GIRL walks to spot 2.333 47 -732 in zone 1 in 8 AND TURNED GIRL faces left AND TURNED GIRL does it while walk_neutral_loop_rear AND SAM TURNED walks to spot 2.387 273 -707 in zone 1 in 7 AND SAM TURNED faces right AND SAM TURNED does it while walk_neutral_loop_rear AND PLAYER is react_shocked_gasp THEN SAM TURNED is idle_terrified_loop_rear AND TURNED GIRL is idle_terrified_loop_rear

The issue is due to the characters walking in different seconds. SAM TURNED took 1 second lesser to walk to the spot than TURNED GIRL, which caused SAM TURNED to idle during that 1 second.
You can either separate the walking commands or change the T seconds to 8.

Oh my gosh, thank you so much! Turns out I’m the goofy one, not the animation lmao

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