Help - animations!


I’ve just started making a story called “lovesick” and I’ve wondered if there’s an “ironic” or “sarcastic” animation because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one in other stories. They’ve either removed it (highly doubt it though) or I’m just getting the name wrong or maybe there isn’t even a “sarcastic” animation in the first place lmao.
Well if there is and you know the name, please tell me as it will be useful in my story.
Thank you.


Are you using INK or Limelight, male or female? And can you describe the animation a bit more? Like what facial expression is it, what do the arms and hands do, etc.


Sorry I wasn’t that specific LOL
Firstly, I’m using INK and also I’m going to try my best to explain without confusing you!
It’s like a sarcastic pose so you have two fingers which represent apostrophes/speech marks and people use them when being sarcastic?
Sorry if you couldn’t understand lmao




Oh my goodness, yes, that is the one! Thank you so much, I can’t believe I went straight passed it when I was looking through the animations. I appreciate it!


@CHARACTER is eyeroll
@CHARACTER is talk_doubtful
@CHARACTER is talk_airquotes



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