Help! App for making sneak peeks


Lately, I’ve come across posts on my instagram feed who looks like they have been made with a certain app. I’ve been searching through several accounts, comments and so on, but can not seem to find the name of the app (or website).

One of the posts I’m thinking of has an image in the background, with a photo cropped in a polaroid frame in the foreground. Then, a moment later, another photo with the same polaroid frame slides in from the right to the foreground. At the same time, music plays in the background. Also, I think there is a option to have text appearing as a overlay, from transparent to visible. I’ve seen several other sneak peeks as this one, so it seems to be a “filter” (or what to name it).

Can someone help a girl out, and knows the name of the app?
Kind regards,

Canva, picsart

Thanks, I will try those :orange_heart: