Help authors avoid cliches (myself included)

Ok, so we all dislike cliches. It’s tiring to see the typical blonde mean girl who is chasing the bad boy LI, but what are uncommon things that authors should include in their story to make them more interesting and unique?

We always say things like “avoid the bad boy mafia boss LI”, but what kind of LI would you like to see? I want to make this thread to discuss the cliches and give options or alternatives.

I will give my examples:

Cliche 1: the sassy Latina. I come from a country where we tend to be reserved and more distant, so maybe include South Americans would be great.

Cliche 2: the rich LI who was born in a rich family. Maybe include more LI who comes from a poor/middle-class family and became successful with hard work and patience. Seriously, a successful self-made man is attractive (being a mafia boss doesn’t count).

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Awkward relationships! I love the blushing, the awkward silences… it’s kinda cute! :blush: I feel like I’ve seen too many badboy LIs… not that that’s a bad thing but I’ve just seen a lot


I love to write about cold and introverted girls and emotionally mature and empathic guys. I don’t know, I just like to develop their romance, I already created two sweet and caring LI’s and I’m happy with the result

I also write about “bad boys”, but without making them be rude or toxic , I think authors should take risks (myself included), that’s why I tried to avoid the f*ckboys and create mature men, maybe they seem weak at first but they are stoic and resilient

Now that I think about it, I feel like every time there’s an ex it’s because he/her cheated…

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Unfortunately, cheating happens a lot of time :((( but yeah, that’s a common cliche, most of the stories show the ex cheating with the MC’s best friend.

Maybe they can include toxic ex’s without being a cheater, I was a bad partner in the past but I never cheated…