Help! Background credits

Not sure if it’s the right category, but I have found around the internet some backgrounds, and I want to know if they belong to someone who wants to be credited for it, since I intend to use them in my stories. Please can you help me?

This one is from other app, you cannot use it due to copyright.

This is from Choices, you also cannot use it.

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A lot of photos but I’ll try my best lol

For the first five:

The next five:

  • The outdoor backgrounds are by @miya.episode
  • The elevator is by @FlowerGriefer
  • That bedroom is from another game so you cannot use it

For the next set of 5:

  • I cannot find that green background, sorry
  • The talk show background is an edited version of an Episode background that I cannot find the owner of, however, the Episode background is the exact same but the window shows a different view. Just search “talk show”
  • The dorms are an edited version of an Episode background, I sadly could not find the creator though
  • The last two are from other games, so they cannot be used

For the next set of 3, I could not find the creators for. Sorry.

The rest of them:

just a tip, it’s best to not find backgrounds simply from the internet and instead forums or public domain sites. it makes it easier for tracking the creator and avoiding copyright. also, if you don’t know where something is from, you can use reverse image search to help (which is what i did)

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Diner is by Freakish

Also, if you right click on the image then click search with google lens it will search the internet for the photo and come up with sources…that’s what I did for the diner one :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your kind response and tips on how to search for backgrounds and overlays and their owners. <3