Help! Backgrounds Needed!

Hi! I’m new to creating stories so idk what to do first. I’ve watched plenty of videos so I have a basic idea about beginner coding but I just need some backgrounds. The story I want to make is more futuristic and episode doesn’t have what I want. Can anyone here make some free backgrounds for me?? I’ll give credit and everything!

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What type of background you needed for your story

You can get free backgrounds for your story on and just search up what you want

However you will need to resize them which you can do here

The sizes for backgrounds are

1 zone - 640×1136
2 zones - 1280×1136
3 zones - 1920×1136

If you have anymore questions I’d be happy to help and good luck on your first story :two_hearts:

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Thank you so much!

Like apocalyptic stuff abandoned towns and stuff on fire.

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Do you know how to resize images? Cuz then I Can look some up on Pinterest cuz I’m too lazy to resize myself

Sure I’ll try

Here some background

And what type of thing on fire

Here are some


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Whoops wrong type



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Hey Do you have something related to army background

Some like this


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Yeah it’ll do and do you have some

Do I have some what?

Can I get some more background related two army camps or their training ground

I couldn’t find any other ones. I’m sorry

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No it’s okay, thank you for the background you send before, do you want a credit?:blush:

No credit needed! Thanks :heart:

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