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Hi everyone, I’m new to writing on Episode! And I’m sure this is a dumb question but I would like some help! I’ve been trying to learn how to do spot directing but no matter how much research I do I’m still confused. I scale my character and I write down the x, y coordinates and I thought I was following the format right but when I go to preview it re-scales my character back to its original size and it isn’t where I placed it. Some help with this and any other tips for beginners would be much appreciate. Thank you! :grinning:

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Preview your story then press on the button “Copy Stage” to copy everything you spot directed. Then Ctrl V onto your script to have your characters appear on the screen that way.

Are you sure your writing it right.
I normally but place it were I want in preview and copy it
And if their more then 3 chartered im placing I copy the hole stage

prass ctrl C and then ctrl V
or command c and then command V if your on Mac

I’m not sure I’m writing it right lol. When I tried copying and pasting it did this format

@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@CHARACTER spot 0.749 166 191
@CHARACTER moves to layer 1

Then when I looked at other tutorials I tried formatting it like this

@CHARACTER spot 0.749 166 191 to zone 2 at layer 1

Both times after I previewed, it scaled my character back to its set size (she was in the background and she’s younger so I made her smaller) and it moved the character.

okay, what is she trying to do walk?

cause then you need to say

@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.749 166 191 to zone 2 in 2 AND CHARACTER moves to layer 1

you have to add AND moves to layer #
if you say at layer 1 it will not understand

She has it correct. Adding “at layer #” with the spot code is correct.


Can you post a screenshot of your script?

wait really I never knew that worked I was always told do it like that and it will go threw

What does layer even mean? And I just tried to have her enter from the right and stand somewhere in the middle of the screen

Layers are what put characters and overlays in front or behind each other. The higher the layer the more in front they are. So if CHAR1 is at layer 3 and CHAR2 is at layer 1, then CHAR2 will be behind CHAR1.

Also, are you using the “enters from” or “stands” commands after you spotted your character? Because the those commands are for the default character size of 1.280.

I used “@CHARACTER enters from right to upscreen right”
The next line is “@CHARACTER spot 0.749 166 191 to zone 2 at layer 1”

Try this

@CHARACTER enters from right to spot 0.749 166 191

It’s working now thank you all for your help! I do have one more question though. How can I have my character enter the proper scale size I want her in? Like I said the character is younger so I had her smaller so I spot directed her where I wanted her standing but I can’t figure how to enter the scene without making her look like a giant lol.

You have to spot them offscreen somewhere in zone 3 since you’re in zone 2 and want them to enter from the right, then make them walk to the spot onscreen.

@CHARACTER spot 0.749 100 191 in zone 3 at layer 1
@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.749 166 191

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