Help between choosing descriptions :'D

Hi<3 I’m almost done writing my first story ever and I need some help of yall to choose between these two descriptions cuz I suck at choosing :sweat:

These two are the same storyline!

description 1:
Everyone has their own secrets. Especially for Kyle Franklin, who has a much bigger secret to keep for his own. A soft, normal boy at day, and a cold, ruthless agent at night. What could possibly go wrong?

description 2:
A soft, normal boy at day and a cold, ruthless agent at night. Just when Kyle Franklin thought his life was complicated enough, America’s most wanted criminal sets his eyes on Kyle’s crush, Harley Samuels.

Plz pick what interests u the most <3
Would be grateful if u leave some feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • Description 1
  • Description 2

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I feel like description 2 creates more suspense. Description 1 is a typical description that can easily be found on episode, especially with the question mark at the back, just saying.

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