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I’m trying to get a blanket overlay to cover one of my characters (she’s sleeping on a bed) but when I try saving the position of it, and play it back, the blanket isn’t there. I can’t seem to make it save properly, can someone help?
My character is ink and she’s in the spot 0.533 382 395 while she’s sleep_uncomfortable
Sorry if this makes no sense!

can u copy and paste your script.

I am totally new to this, and I have no clue what to do once I’ve copied it AND I’m not even sure I’m placing it properly :frowning:

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ok, click on a word text then use your mouse to drag it, and you will see a blue light around the text which means it is highlighted, once it is highlight, left click on your mouse, then you will see a small box, then look for the word “Copy” click copy and the text will be copied, and then left click on your mouse again to paste.

at the end of the overlay spot, put “in zone x” (x being the zone your character is in)

Don’t mind me, just dropping by to add helpful resources:


And agree,

You can add the zone to the shifts to command.

Ex. @overlay BLANKET shifts to # # in zone X

Where # # and X are numbers

Or if you add the blanket to your background:

INT. BACKGROUND with BLANKET to # # # in zone X at layer X

Again, # # #, X and X would be numbers. Your overlay might be named something else and your background different.

If you’re using the create command for the overlay make sure to add the opacity.


So this is how it looks when I try placing it

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And this is what it looks like when I don’t put it in a specific spot

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0.694 230 173

This is the order. The scale number goes first, then the 1st shift number and then the 2nd shift number.


Thank you! That really helped!

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No problem :heart:

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