Help can somebody help me with placing charters

Can somebody help me face my charters I new to this and I don’t understand

First of all, I don’t see you spot directing your characters. What I mean by this -

@character stands screen center in zone # AND @chatacter faces left/right

Also when using animations such as

@charcater is scream

No need to ( )

Only for speaking of course like -

       CHARACTER (scream) 


Edit: Hope this helped.

For actions :
@CHARACTER is scream

When the character speaks:
CHARACTER (scream)

Walk in the screen :

@CHARACTER walks from x to y
X=left or right
Y=screen left/upscreen left / screen center/upscreen right / screen right

Is in the screen already:

Y=screen left/upscreen left / screen center/upscreen right / screen right

I hope this will help you❤

Thank you that helped a lot

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Thank you that helped alot

Can you also tell me how I can get INT. ANGIE BED - DAY as a full bed so I can see the full screen

By the way, you have 2 grammar errors in your script.

It should be, I’m leaving and Sweetheart!

You can’ t because it’s made from more zones.
An backround can have one, 2 or 3 zones…

If you want you camera to be in a specific zone:
@cut to zone C
C = zone 1, 2 or 3( begins from left)

Or if you want your camera slides from a zone to another:
@pan to zone 2
@pan to zone 3

I think in that background, most of the bed is in zone 3. :thinking:


Thank you so much for your help.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to pm me​:heart::hugs:

When I put the stands in zone whatever this pops up

No hun, # this means the number of the zone.

For example:

@character stands screen center in zone 1 AND CHARACTER faces left/right

If you’re spotting them then you just replace the stands screen center


I suggest you read this forum too

Ok thank you I got it

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