*HELP* Can someone code this for me

Hey I’m wondering if someone could code a scene for me

This scene is just a girl running in and out of the screen with a suitcase the thing i dont know how to make the suitcases in line with her so i was hoping if someone could code it for me

all the details


@RORY changes into RORY_default
@RORY changes hair into Long High Ponytail

@RORY spot 0.867 -51 152 in zone 1
@RORY moves to layer 3

@RORY walks to spot 0.867 115 155 in zone 1
@RORY moves to layer 3

@RORY is search_neutral
@RORY walks to spot 0.867 115 155 in zone 3 and RORY is run_athletic_neutral_loop
@RORY moves to layer 3

the suitcases

if anyone can do this for it would be much appreciated

@Gargamel might be able to help, they create amazing templates for others!

if you want the bag to move with character it should be that the bag is animation code so it can move along with character is spot in it direction but she have to do running animation @rubes.epi

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